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Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics (Biostatistics Option)

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3 Years

Programme Duration


Mode Of Study


The PhD. Programme in the Department of Mathematics (Biostatistics) is intended to guide candidates to work independently, arrive at new insights and contribute to research in a wide range of research projects in Biostatistics. It is tailored to allow the student to make a distinct contribution to the knowledge and understanding of Biostatistics and afford evidence of ability to carry out original research in a well defined problem in Biostatistics. The course work shall be taken along with research and thesis work for cognitive and theoretical understanding of the area of specialization in Biostatistics. This programme, it is hoped, shall jump/start industrialization perceptions in developing countries in the next millennium and beyond.

Admission Requirements

  1. The minimum requirements for entry into PhD in Biostatistics shall be as laid down in the Moi University common regulations for PhDdegrees and Faculty of Science general regulations.
  2. Candidates must be holders of a relevant Master’s degree of Moi University or those recognized by the Moi University senate in related fields of Biostatistics.

Programme Structure

The common regulations of Moi University shall apply. A candidate who has successfully taken the required level 8 courses during the master’s studies shall be credited no more than 9 units towards the PhD course units. All course work shall be done in the first year. The course work, research and thesis work distributed throughout the PhD degree programme shall be as follows

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