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Public Relations

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The Public Relations Office focuses on honest, open and consistent communications that provides leadership expertise and services that enhance the quality and effectiveness programmes that elevates the university’s reputation and builds public understanding of its distinctive programs needed to help the university create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with individuals and organizations vital to the University’s growth and development.

The Sole purpose of the Public Relations Office is to communicate the educational offerings for purposes of the University to enhance its image by clearly defining its identity, communicating that identity consistently to its various constituent groups including prospective students, current students, parents, teachers and guidance counselors, community, civic and political leaders, business people, alumni, internal audiences including students, staff and faculty, and a variety of special interest groups and professional associations at all levels.


To work with the University partners, public relations, marketing and stakeholders to persuade the right people to do the right things to make the University’s Campus one of choice for outstanding students.


Direct, coordinate and integrate the strategic communications, marketing, and public relations functions of the university into a cohesive effort that conveys a consistent message in support of the university’s Vision and mission.

Quality Objectives

  1. Give clear and accurate information about programmes offered in the University.
  2. To create awareness to the public through participation in Exhibitions, Career fairs.
  3. Attachments for qualified students as part of Nation Building.

Ag. Head Public Relations

Mr. George Muchaki

Public Relations Team

Ms. Judy Mukiri
Mrs. Carolyne Talam

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