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School Of Business and Economics

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Dr. Joel Tenai
Dean School Of Business & Economics

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To be recognized as the centre of academic excellence in business and services related studies in Africa.


To become a principal centre of knowledge and excellence in business education and service management, produce highly competent graduates, promote broad visibility and leadership in research, teaching and training and to be sensitive and responsive to the rapidly changing global environment

Nancy Kiragu Omondi - School Coordinator - Business

Kemboi - School Coordinator - Economics

Dr. (CPA) Robert Mukoswa Odunga - School Coordinator - Graduate Studies

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The School of Business and Economics is committed to producing graduates who are both agents and managers of change. Graduates of the programme are expected to have a critical perspective and understanding of the potentials and challenges of the globalized economic environment, which will enable them to effectively participate in the business world of the 21st century and beyond. The school is unique because it is among the first in Africa to have business and tourism studies in an integrated framework. Its uniqueness is further reflected in the rich programmes that it offers to produce high quality graduates. The school cooperates with other schools of Moi University and others world–wide with whom it shares complementary mission and vision. Courses offered by these institutions are an integral part of course components. The school meets the challenge of producing quality graduates by being at the cutting edge of the most current education and training methods in the world of business. These methods include: problem based learning, modular teaching approach, group discussion, teamwork learning, programming and simulation methods.
In addition industrial attachment is emphasized because it facilitates the production of graduates that are practically– oriented. The school is highly competitive and attracts excellent students from across Kenya and internationally. Its academic staff and students reflect a broad cross-section of disciplines and backgrounds. In addition, it provides an environment in which employed and experienced students infuse the learning process at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels with a stimulating balance between theory and practice.


The objectives of the school are:
  1. To consistently broaden access and training opportunities of undergraduate and postgraduate programs through a 5% annual growth in student enrolment.
  2. To conduct research and produce at least Ten (10) Publications in referred Journals in each academic year
  3. To continuously review curricula to meet customer demand at least after every academic cycle.
  4. To Guarantee 75% progression and graduation of students on an annual basis
  5. To cultivate and develop at least four linkages and/or collaborations after every two years
  6. To provide at least four (4) social outreach activities in an academic year

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