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School Of Arts and Social Sciences

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Prof. Peter Simatei
Dean School Of Arts & Social Sciences

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To actualize and blend scientific, technological and socio-cultural knowledge for an integrated society.


To serve, create and transfer social, cultural and development knowledge necessary for understanding and efficient functioning of the graduate (of SASS) nationality and internationally.


The School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) formerly The School of Socio-Cultural and Development Studies has existed since 1987.SASS taught content to students in the then faculty of education for a year before admitting its first batch of undergraduate students in 1988.Conceptualized following the establishment of Moi University as a second public university in Kenya with special focus on science and technology as recommended by findings of the MacKay report, which noted the need for science and technology graduates to integrate their training with the society’s social-cultural knowledge in order to benefit the science and technology innovation.
The Presidential working party committee report chaired by Prof. MacKay subsequently recommended the establishment of a school of socio-cultural and development studies, thus the fast forward. The Moi university strategic plan 2005-2015 also prominently recognizes the significance of arts and social science disciplines in the university.
The schools’ pioneer departments comprised of Kiswahili, English, Geography, Religion and Philosophy, Anthropology and Sociology, History, Technology and Management Studies and Economics.

Ms. Faith Ogetto - School Coordinator

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New Developments

The school cherishes dynamism and adaptation to changing times, need and other new developments.
The school has witnessed several changes over the last twenty years that include change of name to School of Arts and Social Sciences in line with the standard international practice for Schools/Faculties dealing with humanities and social sciences, to ease international collaboration and admission of graduates to its post graduates to its post graduate programs.
The School has regularly revised and even introduced new programs whereas maintaining a multi and inter-disciplinary approach to these programs in spite of the developments.
The approach has enabled the School of Arts and Social Science students to take courses from as many departments in the school as possible besides maintaining their major fields of study.
The School common course in particular enables students acquire specifically designed course skills in communication, ICT, research, health, language and culture by focusing on the student’s applicable degree programs to blend and complement the student’s skills.

The School has also introduced several new but unique academic-and-market oriented programs offered at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Post-Graduate Diploma, Master and Doctoral levels.
NB students are taught content and pedagogy by professors from the relevant respective schools. Most unique with the degree program is that it adequately prepares graduates not only to work in the educational sector but also the NGO, CBO and IGO world among others.

Teaching Staff

The School has an overall of 121 full time Professors and Lecturers assisted by Part-time Lecturers whose number varies from time to time depending on the specific prevailing departmental needs and currently has the largest number of full professors at Moi University.
These professors have actively participated in the inaugural lectures series since its introduction with recent presenters including professors: the late Joshua Akong’a of Anthropology and Ecology, the late Naomi L Shitemi of Kiswahili and Other African languages and Adam Arap Chepkwony of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Teaching, Research and Collaborations

The School espouses teaching based on the most current information with cardinal questions to all the lecturers of whose knowledge they are teaching, and have they generated part of that knowledge through research and publishing?
In line with this, the school is very active in research and has international collaboration with institutions such as Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI), state university of Oklahoma and Jackson state university in the USA, university of Paris and university of Lyon 2 in France, university of Hamburg and Bayreuth University in Germany among others.

The schools international peer-reviewed and recognized journal- Maarifa; Journal of the school of Arts and Social Sciences publishes some of the research works. The journal has a superb print layout with editorial and advisory boards consisting internationally renowned scholars who are heavy weights in their disciplines thus the constant demand for its copies by international institutions.
Besides the journal, the faculty and students have contributed to singly and jointly publish book chapter and books. All students admitted to the school therefore stand a good chance of being mentored to good scholars, writers and future professors.
The school through collaborations has several publishing outlets to deliver both locally and internationally. Remember to ask yourself: Who teaches you? Is he a published scholar or a person who relies on other scholars work? Good university lecturers also use their own works to teach.

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