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ICT Services

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) directorate is mandated to acquire, develop, implement and maintain quality ICT infrastructure and its related systems. The main objective is to facilitate access, use, utilization and sharing of information/knowledge using automated systems. Its role is to ensure that there are robust, functional ICT systems that ensure efficient service delivery at every service units of the University. ICTs are widely deployed in academic institutions for the purpose of provision and accessing information and automation of administrative processes. In Moi University, Nairobi Campus, ICT services have impacted on every sphere of academic activities as well as presenting an opportunity to provide value-added information services and access to wide variety of digital-based information resources to the users. We have provided two teaching labs, one postgraduate (research lab), one e-lab in the library, and one media practical lab for teaching and to aid research activities within the campus. The unit has an effective WIFI connections that allows users use their own devices, while all other PCs in the labs are connected to Internet. The laboratories are open to users for 12 hours six days a week and all the online services (e.g. emails, website, MUSOMI and off-campus access to e-resources) are 24 hours available all days of the year. In liaison with main campus, the ICT Nairobi campus coordinates and implements the following functions:

  1. ICT Operations and Maintenance activities
  2. Help desk and End user support
  3. I.C.T Training & Awareness
  4. Networks design, Implementation and management
  5. Database Management at the library including e-resources
  6. Campus website support
  7. Attachments for qualified students as part of Nation Building

Samson Kiptoo

Head Of ICT Services Section

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To be a center of excellence in ICT innovation and provision of quality services in Moi University.


To effectively conceive, develop, implement, utilize, and manage appropriate information systems in order to provide integrated and coordinated quality ICT services to Moi University in line with its Vision, Mission and Objectives

Quality Objectives

  1. To provide quality ICT services to the University Community by ensuring that at least 80% of all reported incidents are resolved within eight (8) working hours.
  2. To conduct at least three (3) Training sessions in a year to equip the end-user with the relevant and practical ICT skills.
  3. To ensure that the ICT Network infrastructure service is available in all departments of the university at least 95% of the time.

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