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Dr Bernard Malakwen

Director Nairobi Campus

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Dr. Bernard K. Malakwen is the Acting Campus Director & Deputy Campus Director (Academic Affairs), Moi University, Nairobi Campus. The Deputy Director’s office operates under the direction of the Campus Director to provide support in the day-to-day running of academic activities in the Campus.
The Deputy Director, Academics oversees and coordinates student affairs, academics and research also outreach activities of the campus. Dr. Bernard K. Malakwen holds a PhD in communication Studies, Master of Philosophy in Educational Communication and Technology and a Bachelor of Education Degree, all from Moi University. He is a full Member of The Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) among other professional organizations. 
Currently he is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication studies, His academic interests are Research Methods, Conflict Management and Media, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Communication, Communication and Social Influence, Public Relations and Leadership and Problem Solving. He has participated in various conferences both nationally and internationally. He has authored journals in Conflict and Media. He has been a university Administrator, and has a wide teaching experience, having taught in various High schools upto being a Principal and teaching at a Teachers Training College. He seats in Boards of Management of various Secondary schools including being a Chairperson and Participates actively in Various Community Social Relations activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

As the Deputy Director (Academics), he works closely with the Public Relations Office (Nairobi Campus) to promote publicity and marketing of Moi University academic programmes in order to increase student enrolment in Moi University, Nairobi Campus. Other duties and responsibilities include:
  1. Oversee the admission of new students, and in liaison with the Directors office organize for the orientation of new students
  2. Working in collaboration with coordinators of schools to ensure that teaching is carried out effectively while liaising with the respective academic offices at Main Campus
  3. Ensuring that university examinations are carried out within the stipulated Senate rules and regulations, and also in conformity with the ISO 9001:2008 requirements
  4. In collaboration with the examination office and the University disciplinary committee, handle examination disciplinary cases such as cheating or bringing prohibited items in the examination room
  5. Work with the Library and ICT department to ensure that there is sufficient reading space and staff and students are able to access books, internet facilities and eResouces
  6. Work closely with the Students Affairs section to ensure the welfare and extra-curricular activities of students such as sports, clubs, societies and the Students Governing Council
  7. Launch initiatives to promote collaborative research and dissemination of research findings through workshops and seminars on the campus
  8. In collaboration with coordinators of schools, endeavour to promote university-industry linkages


  1. PhD  Communication Studies, School of Human Resource Development, Moi University 2013 Thesis title:   Mediatization of Peaceful Inter- Communal Relations in Kenya: A study of Media initiatives in Uasin Gishu County.
  2. Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Educational Communication and Technology - School of Education,   Moi University. 2000, Thesis title:  Attitudes of teachers’ trainers and trainee’s towards the implementation teaching of social studied curriculum in Kenya’s teachers Colleges, the case of Tambach Teachers College.
  3. Bachelor of Education Arts, School of Education ,Moi University, 1994

Journal Articles

  1. “Interactive Media Initiatives for Community Development Projects in Kenya, Strategies and Challenges” In IOSR Journal Vol 21, Iss II, pp 41-48, e ISSN 2279-0837, Pissn 279-0845         
  2. Malakwen, B. K. (2015) “Media as a Policy Maker Tools and its Diplomatic Roles in Peace Building in Kenya” in African Journal of Education Science and Technology. Pgs. 170-182, Vol. 2 No. 2 January 2015 ISSN 2309-9240.
  3. Malakwen, B. K (. 2014) “Media Initiatives and the Promotion of Peaceful Co-existence among Communities in Kenya ’’ In the International journal of Humanities and social Sciences    Pgs. 1-11. Vol.4 no. 11 Sept. 2014.  ISSN 2220-8488. Available online in https://www.ijhssnet.com/journal/index/2765
  4. Malakwen B.K.( 2014)  “ Media Initiatives as information  Provider and  Society’s Watchdog on Peace Building in Kenya In  International Journal in New Media and Mass communication. Pgs. 1- 12.  ISSN 2224-3267.  Available online in .
  5. Malakwen B.K.( 2014) “Peace, Conflict and Security in Africa: Employing an African Solution to African Problems” Sept 2014  Pgs. 290-303. ISBN 9966-854-77- 10TH International conference Proceedings at Moi University.
  6. Malakwen B. K. (2015) Inter ethnic Conflict in Kenya: A case of Orma and Pokomo ethnic Conflicts, causes, effects and intervention strategies
  7. Malakwen B. K. (2015)  "Media Initiatives as Information Provider and Society watchdog on Peace Buildin in Kenya."
  1. EACA  Rwanda 2017
  2. Syracuse University Conference   2015
  3. Moi University  International conference 2014
  4. Moi University International conference  2012
  5. Catholic University of Eastern Africa  Nairobi 2013
  6. Syracuse University Conference  USA  2015
  1. Full member public relations society of Kenya (PRSK)
  2. East Africa Communication Association (EACA)
  3. Higher Education Research and Policy Network (HERPNET).
  4. African Network for the Internationalization of Education (ANIE).

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